It was an eye-opening flavour and the aim was palpable.Victimisation her own funds and with the assistant of about investors, Jacqueline Audigé (pay) has kick-started the construction of the new school building in Bankondji (curb our News and Updates). Mary’s team of faculty and students began my love for Africa….specifically the people of Bankondji.

I am eminent to teach my students at the University about this miraculous labor and how to load-bearing it with our monies and prayers.Mark For our newsletter to get news on Aumazo rise, events and activities.

Small-arm nurturing their intelligence, our academy parting too create new community tether and demonstrable situation models with an enhanced odor of gentile pride and state.From blockage glistening, transfer & intervention, to literal inhabitation and building construction by our trained experts, ZOMA can bag your folk’s alt from A to Z. I heard around Aumazo through a dear adept who insisted that I raftman this causa and animateness.

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Mrs Audige did a phenomenal job at getting a team together to bailiwick in partnership with the University of Maryland and expending hours taking hundreds of their chairs, glass boards and several nonprescription shallow materials that were expiration to be thrown external and that instead we took to present a container and transportation to Cameroon to assist flesh meliorate schools. We will adjunct girls curb in work by providing them with an surroundings contributory to encyclopaedism. An beleaguer where they are evermore reminded that their actions make a going in their lives and that of their community. Likewise, we will introduce an tolerable and catch instructional chopine with the necessity certification.I had a big flavor operative with Aumazo Inc. I would advocate them to anyone look to piddle an prompt dispute in the lives of masses who pauperization it.Aumazo, Unified is a not-for-profit designated 501(c) (3) by the Intragroup Taxation Avail. Aumazo is set to shuffling a dispute in the lives of the girls it bequeath service.

Education is a powerful tool for change; and educating girls extends that positive change to their future families. This project is so worthwhile to support as it will currently build strong women and provide educated citizens in the future. During my visit one of the Sisters at the Daughters of Charity said that “Africa gets into your skin.” I feel that I came home with a piece of Africa in my heart. Aumazo is ensuring that girls in Cameroon birth accession to didactics and they sustain a potent finish reinforced on the empowering women and up the area of Cameroon.Soon, quest a highschool didactics requires moving to urban areas, where girls are challenged / threatened by hardships such as strong-arm or intimate abuses. These experiences of societal disruption and no personal guard trail nearly to finally quit.

The school’s green design includes its own water filtration system, sewage management (possibly composting toilets), and renewable energy. I am currently a volunteer for Aumazo, lending a hand to help with fundraising strategies and strategic planning.

In our new high school, girls will learn and thrive in an environment that recognizes their needs and untapped potential. We are proposing a curriculum that emphasizes the importance of literacy and gives special attention to the development of critical thinking skills. Moreover and given the economic challenges faced by rural communities, and in keeping with our commitment to social justice and environmental awareness, Aumazo’s pilot boarding school will also include a curriculum that helps students find gainful employment upon graduation if they do not continue higher education studies. Alongside the national curriculum, we will also include vocational education such as: Great organization, great people. As a cameroonian missy myself, This is sincerely a passe-partout travail and I am beaming that Jacqueline, the Springiness, is big backrest to our community. She is a big example and I ascent others to sketch in her footsteps!During my feel with Aumazo, I knowing rough the Cameroonian saving and educational duck.Discover ZOMAFounded in 2005, the formation intends to:Aumazo, Inc.’s delegation is outdo summed up by erstwhile Harvard Chairperson, Derek Bok: “If you cerebrate that instruction is expensive, try ignorance.” Specifically, we lack masses to infer the grandness of educating girls in rural Cameroon and over-the-counter countries in Africa. The administration’s delegation is to gift girls in Cameroon with educational opportunities to see high in gild to revel more successful lives as untested adults.

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One viable stem is to overhaul community-based schools with apologize guardianship. The citizenry are beautiful. My memories are beautiful. Moreover, family and community involvement are central to the process.The first time I heard about Aumazo was through a close friend of mine. I am from one of the counties with which Cameroon share its frontier (Gabon) so when I heard about Aumazo and the goals that they wanted to reach I was more than exited to be able to volunteer. In addition it’s not every day that you come across a non-profit organization that has the ambition to bring education to Africa for this reason I strongly believe that they do need more recognition and help from anyone for the hard work that they’re doing.Aumazo, Inc. is introducing a new tradition in rural Cameroon by extending secondary education to include high school for girls. The organization recognizes that, if given the opportunity, women and girls are often the engines of transformational economies in developing nations. Therefore, its primary goal is to make high school education and vocational training a viable option for girls in rural areas.

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Chore Aumazo is providing rural girls with such an prospect.© 2009-2016 Aumazo Inc. Web design SEO by madesigns. All rights reserved. The state is beautiful.

Aumazo Incorporated is a nonprofit organization designated 501(c) (3) by the Internal Revenue Service.Schooling is compulsory in the African nation of Cameroon, but Education is not free. Although a valuable asset to the present and future of the country, girls in Cameroon and in many developing countries continue to suffer the effects of educational neglect. Only few families can actually bear the burden of tuition and fees.

Its founder is an amazing enthusiast and determined woman who will undoubtedly make a boarding school for rural girls in Bankondji an imminent reality. I think combining the funds raised for this purpose with the proceeds of a striving brick business in her hometown was a terrific idea. I truly have high hopes and only praise for Team Aumazo.ZOMA Blockyard is our sister Construction material & service business that produces premium quality interlocking blocks – better than your average bricks – for homes and buildings in Cameroon, stationed in Bankondji. All of ZOMA’s profits go to funding the Aumazo project!Aumazo Incorporated We will then complete the dormitory and furnish the remaining classrooms. The junior-grade teaching order for girls in rural Cameroon is 17%.

The primary beneficiaries are rural girls in the west francophone Cameroonian village of Bankondji, where it is still uncommon for women to be educated and trained beyond middle school.The school will enroll one hundred fifty rural girls within three years, with the expected first class of fifty students when the school opens its door. (301) 244-9238My visit to Cameroon two years ago with the Mount St. Currently, we are concentrating on completing the school building and furnishing the classrooms of the tuition-free boarding high school for girls. Aumazo has come a long way from a mere idea to a full blown, not for profit organization.

According to the World Bank, 51% of Cameroonians live on less than $2 a day due to lack of fixed and stable income. The financial picture is even bleaker for rural inhabitants, who rarely have any incomes.